Since more than 25 years, the boutique is busy finding new shapes, revolutionary products, trend or classical models.

We are here to please you. Your passion is ours.

White porcelain :
At the boutique we present white porcelaine from the gretest manufactories like Limoges, Rosenthal. Kaiser and others, who are striving to allways find new models.

Colors and materials :
The Clair de Lune boutique offers materials of high quality : a choice of Heraeus colors, precious metals, brushes and accessories as well as a large choice of many different supplies.

Books and technical notebooks :
About a hundred models to give you a plenty of ideas and help you to decorate your porcelaine. 6 beautiful volumes from Edition du Kaolin, created and imaginated by Tatiana and Clotilde. (Volums 1 and 2 out of stock) – I will sign them for you on simple request.

Firing :
Porcelain has to be fired at very high temperatures in order to vitrify and fix the colors in the glaze. Our big capacity kiln (max height 72 cm) is filled several times in a week.